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12 Fun DIY Home Decor And DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Dec 16, 2020DIY Projects0 comments

Christmas Tree in Taxi

It’s our favorite time of year again…


And why not tackle some of these DIY Home Decor and DIY Holiday Gift Ideas!

The holidays in New York City are always such a wonderful and magical time of year.

Yes, the holidays look a little different this year, but there can still be magic!

What are you doing to keep the magic alive in your house? We’d love to hear about any new traditions you’ve come up with in the comments below.

We have been watching A LOT of holiday movies!

Including a classic New York City favorite…Home Alone 2.

If we can’t visit our favorite places in NYC this holiday, like Rockefeller Center to see the Radio City Rockettes, we can certainly reminisce while watching holiday flicks that take place in NYC to get us in the spirit.

Do you have any recommendations for holiday movies that take place in New York City? Please share in the comments below!

We’ve also gathered the BEST holiday DIY Home Decor Projects and DIY Holiday Gift Ideas on the web.

With most of us staying home for the holidays, why not tackle JUST ONE fun DIY project to end the year on a high note!




Let’s celebrate with TWELVE totally doable DIY projects this year!

#1 First up, Angela Rose, who always has fun and creative DIY projects underway. Here motto is “Stop pinning start DOING💪🏻!“. YUP. What a great idea!

Here she has a DIY Modern Dollhouse that is the perfect gift for the little ones in your life. It’s honestly adorable and totally doable! She has PDF plans available for $9, and unlike some other plans we’ve seen, Angela’s plans are always thorough, clean, and clear.


DIY Modern Dollhouse

#2 The perfect modern plywood shelf.


#3 These awesome color block storage lockers.


#4 This super trendy plywood mid-century modern nightstand.


#5 This cool plywood seating and storage unit.


#6 These DIY floating shelves!


#7 This farmhouse chic entryway floating bench.

#8 This clothing rack for the kiddos.


#9 This bathroom storage shelf.


#10 The book bin pictured below for the playroom.


#11 This minimal plywood headboard with built in shelving.


#12 These adorable book ledges for the nursery.


DIY Book Bin

And with that, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


We’ve linked these projects from here, to our Pinterest page. From there you can go directly to the websites, OR save the pins for later. We can’t wait to see the results.

Don’t forget we’ll do all the cutting for you, just use our “Contact Us” form to submit all the pieces that you need and we’ll get back to you with a quote and ETA right away.

We’ll get your pieces ready in a hurry so that you can get to work. Then share, tag, and follow along with us  on Instagram or find us on Pinterest for more inspiration! 

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Midtown Lumber Family



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Request A Custom Cutting Quote for Your DIY Project

Here’s how you order custom cut wood:



Decide which type of lumber you would like to use for your project. Our most popular options are:

a. Ultra-Lite MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard, is compressed sawdust & glue. It’s flat & smooth and is a good option if you are not concerned with strength and plan on painting.

b. Chinese Birch Plywood – Also flat & smooth, and has a very thin veneer that sometimes peels when staining, but works well for things like closet shelves.

c. Canadian Birch Plywood – The good stuff! We recommend for kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, furniture. Great for staining.

d. Baltic Birch Multiply – Even nicer! It is known for it’s even layers and voidless core. Usually, clients like the exposed ply look of Baltic Birch and choose not to edge tape it. 

e. Prefinished Maple – Already finished! Prefinished Maple has a semi-gloss UV cured finish.


Decide on thickness, below are the thicknesses that we carry:

a. Ultra-Lite MDF – ¼” ½” ¾” 1”
b. Chinese Birch – ¼” ½” ¾”
c. Canadian Birch – ½” ¾” 1”
d. Baltic Birch – ¾”
e. Prefinished Maple – ½” ¾”


Determine how many pieces you need, and the dimensions of each piece.

All measurements must be in inches and fractions, for example: i. 5 pcs of ½” Canadian Birch 4 ½” x 18 ¼”


Decide if you have a preference for the direction of the grain on your pieces: long (most popular), short, or no preference.

a. Long indicates that the grain is parallel to the larger side of your piece.
b. Short indicates that the grain is parallel to the shorter side of your piece.

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