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Do you offer wood planing services?

Nov 9, 2015Tips0 comments

wood planing

We do not offer wood planing services at Midtown Lumber, and unfortunately do not know anyone that does. We recommend taking a look at the materials we stock, and also like to remind customers that we can custom order materials as well. 


We of course can cut to size any materials you need to match the piece that you currently have, but unfortunately we do not offer planing services. 


Here are some other blog posts that may be helpful in trying to decide what to do new, How To Order Custom Cut Lumber – In 5 Easy Steps! which breaks down the different materials you can choose from as well as the thicknesses we offer. 


For Example: 


1. Ultra-Lite MDF – 1⁄4” 1⁄2” 3⁄4” 1”

2. Chinese Birch – 1⁄4” 1⁄2” 3⁄4”

3. Canadian Birch – 1⁄2” 3⁄4” 1”

4. Baltic Birch – 3⁄4”

5. Prefinished Maple – 1⁄2” 3⁄4”


Or if you are looking to choose a hardwood you can take a look at Pine, Poplar, Red Oak – How To Choose The Best Material For Your Next Project!


For other FAQ’s check out this post.


Of course, keep in mind that while we cannot plane the piece you currently have we can cut any of these materials to size for you to give you the exact piece you need for your project.

Any questions or concerns reach out to us via our Custom Cutting page and we will get back to you ASAP to help figure out exactly what you need! 


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