Yes, we sell mouldings!

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Beautiful mouldings in a brownstone in Brooklyn, New York.

First things first…



The proper spelling of molding or moulding is often debated! And here is our answer to that FAQ…

Technically “mould”, “moulding”, or “mouldings” (the correct plural – yes, we checked this one also) is the Britsh spelling, and “mold”, “molding”, or “moldings” is the American English version.

BUT, “moulding” is the preferred spelling used by those in the industry including the official industry association, the MMPA or Moulding & Millwork Producers Association. 

So, everybody, we are going with moulding, but if you write molding – we still got you covered!


Now, do you sell mouldings? 



We stock some basic mouldings, bases, and casings in store and you can also place a custom order with us.

Some mouldings we stock in store are quarter rounds / half rounds / or poles like these.

Stop by and check out our selection! 

We stock some mouldings in store!

You can also custom order mouldings, bases, casings, you name it!


For custom orders, and more unique mouldings, like crown mouldings and base mouldings, we work closely with our distributor and recommend you take a look at their catalog for a full breakdown of options!

You can search by moulding type, material, collection, and profile #.

Find the exact moulding you want and send us the profile #.

We have an excellent relationship with our distributor and can often get mouldings faster than other local retailers.

Search mouldings by type, material, collection, and profile here

More good news…


We deliver! Do you need your mouldings delivered to your doorstep for easy installation in your home or your clients home? No problem!

If you are an interior designer, architect, or contractor we will save you a ton of time on the job site by having all your custom mouldings delivered, and ready for installation.

You can start by emailing us at or simply complete the form on the Contact us page, and we will get back to you with pricing and a lead time!

Don’t forget to include details about which moulding you would like us to order, for example, please include the profile #: DCR558 Crown (see example in the image from the catalog below).

If you are looking to match an existing moulding in a home, you should be able to find a match in this catalog.

Search mouldings by type, material, collection, and profile here

The best part…


There are so many different collections and mouldings to choose from! Have fun browsing all of the options! 

Click the links below for our distributor’s catalog, and email us the profile # for the item you would like to order…

Crowns / Coves

Casings & Back Bands

Bases / Base Caps / Shoes

Panel Mouldings / Nose & Coves

Chair Rails

Full Catalog

Submit your order for a quote ASAP!



Now that we’ve answered all your questions, let’s get started on your next custom moulding order!


Contact us to get started on your moulding order now. 



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