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Edge Tape – Transform Your Shelves Today

Have you ever had plywood or melamine cut, then realize the edges look unfinished?

This problem can be solved by using Edge Tape!  

Edge tape, which is also called wood band or edge band, is an inexpensive way to turn ordinary cut pieces of plywood or melamine into finished shelves or complete units.

Edge taping is the process of applying wood veneer tape to the exposed edges of a piece of plywood or melamine.

Here is the plywood and melamine before edge tape:

Photo coming soon!

And here are the pieces once the edges are finished with edge tape:

edge tape on melamine shelves

Edge tape on custom cut melamine shelves.


These pieces now look like solid pieces of wood and can be used as finished shelving. After edge tape is applied to plywood, you can paint or stain the entire shelf if you would like.

When applying edge tape to melamine, the edges will match the rest of the piece, creating an impressive overall look. This can be seen in the picture above.

You have two options when it comes to edge taping.

You can do it yourself, or we also provide the service!

We stock edge tape in several types and sizes, ask us for details on what we have in stock. Once you decide the size shelving you will want you can purchase the edge tape size and type to match in order to complete your project.

Below we walk you through how to edge tape at home.

  1. You’ll want to clear a space at home where you can work. Cover any surfaces with a towel so they won’t scratch while you work.
  2. You can use a hot iron (the same one you use to iron your shirts!) to apply the edge tape.
  3. Set the iron heat level to cotton, this is a high heat.
  4. Next, line up the edge tape as best you can with the edge of your plywood or melamine. It is okay if it goes over the edges a little bit, we will show you how to fix this at the end. Go slowly and try to keep it as straight as possible.
  5. Hold an old thin shirt, or ask us for a bag of rags when you make your purchase. You will hold this over the edge tape as you iron so you do not burn it.
  6. As you move along the iron will heat the glue on the inside of the edge tape and adhere it to the side of your plywood.
  7. Once you get to the end of your shelf, use a razor blade to cut the edge to exactly match.
  8. You will now use a razor blade to trim along the top and bottom where you may have had some overlap.
  9. You should now have a nice clean edge that looks like a solid piece of wood.

We admit, this process can be a little tricky at first! But with all things, practice makes perfect!

You can opt for us to do it for you as well, just ask us about pricing for our edge taping services when you place your order. The upside to choosing to order shelves this way it that you can get custom sizes and the end results will be a quality, custom, and professional-looking piece to complete your project.

We are working on creating a detailed How-To Video to add to our blog so that you can see what we are talking about! Stay tuned for that.

For more details about how edge tape works, or to request a quote please submit your details on our contact us page.