Our History

Since 1962.

After 62 years in Chelsea, it’s time for something new,

we have moved to Jersey City!  

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Midtown Lumber’s original location in Chelsea, on 25th Street and 8th Avenue, where it operated from 1962 – 2024, was originally one of Manhattan’s many fine horse stables.


In the late 19th or early 20th century the building was updated for use as a warehouse by the massive California-based wood supplier The West-Side Lumber Company.

1900s West Side Lumber brochure
1960s 70s Bohemian Hotel Chelsea 1

1960’s & 70’s

Midtown Lumber first opened its doors in on 25th Street and 8th Avenue in 1962 and served many of Chelsea famous bohemians, artists, and photographers.

1980’s & 90’s

Many of the artists were eventually priced out of Chelsea and replaced by a flock of small businesses, often computer shops who came to Midtown Lumber for materials to build the shelving and desks needed to display their latest tech.

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2000s Real Estate Era 1


In the early 2000’s Chelsea began experiencing a resurgence as a high-end residential neighborhood and a center for commercial enterprise. Developers and General Contractors came to Midtown Lumber seeking custom cut lumber they couldn’t get anywhere else in the city.


In 2017, we expanded!

And we opened our warehouse location in Jersey City.

Hanging Sign Jersey
Midtown Lumber 60 years


We Celebrated 60 years of Midtown Lumber in New York City at 276 West 25th Street and 8th Avenue and truly cherished being a part of the vibrant neighborhood of Chelsea for six decades.  Thank you!


After 62 years in Chelsea it’s time for something new, we have moved to Jersey City!  

This is not goodbye friends. Merely a new chapter for Midtown Lumber, and we invite you all to turn the page with us for the next six decades! 

We moved to Jersey City! 37 Fairmount Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07304