We've outlined 5 simple steps to help you order custom cut lumber delivered to your doorstep anywhere in and around NYC and Jersey City!
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How To Order Custom Cut Lumber Delivered – In 5 Easy Steps!

Jan 13, 2021Tips2 comments

Custom Cutting

How To Order Custom Cut Lumber Delivered – In 5 Easy Steps!


Ordering lumber cut to size can be overwhelming, we get it! Especially if you are not familiar with types of lumber, or in this case plywood, which is the type of lumber most commonly ordered cut to size for at-home projects.

We want to keep it as simple as possible and don’t forget you can always reach out to us with any questions. We pride ourselves in offering super friendly and accessible customer service!

We are not like those other “lumber spots around the city”, just take it from one of our clients Will!

Customer Review


We really do hear this a lot, “The customer service is excellent…”



Customer Review

Thanks, Will and Linda! Okay, now let’s get back to the meat…

Custom Cut Lumber


Step #1 – Decide which type of lumber you would like to use for your project.

 Our most popular options are:

1. Ultra-Lite MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard, is compressed sawdust and glue. It’s flat and smooth and is a good option if you are not concerned with strength and plan on painting.

2. Chinese Birch Plywood – Also flat & smooth, and has a very thin veneer that sometimes peels when staining, but works well for things like closet shelves.

3. Canadian Birch Plywood – The good stuff! We recommend for kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, and furniture like this DIY desk! Great for staining.

4. Baltic Birch Multiply – Even nicer! It is known for its even layers and voidless core. Usually, clients like the exposed ply look of Baltic Birch and choose not to edge tape it. More info on Baltic Birch Ply here.

5. Prefinished Maple – Already finished! Prefinished Maple has a semi-gloss UV cured finish.

Plywood Sheets

Step #2 – Decide on thickness, below are the thicknesses that we carry:


1. Ultra-Lite MDF – 1⁄4” 1⁄2” 3⁄4” 1”

2. Chinese Birch – 1⁄4” 1⁄2” 3⁄4”

3. Canadian Birch – 1⁄2” 3⁄4” 1”

4. Baltic Birch – 3⁄4”

5. Prefinished Maple – 1⁄2” 3⁄4”


Step #3 – Determine how many pieces you need, and the dimensions of each piece.


All measurements must be in inches and fractions, for example:

5 pcs of 1⁄2” Canadian Birch 4 1⁄2″ x 18 1⁄4”

Step #4 – Decide if you have a preference for the direction of the grain on your pieces: long (most popular), short, or no preference.


1. Long indicates that the grain is parallel to the larger side of your piece (pictured below and most popular).

2. Short indicates that the grain is parallel to the shorter side of your piece.

Edge Tape Finish

Step #5 – Email the details to [email protected] or complete our custom cutting request form!


Don’t forget to ask for delivery options! We offer fast curbside delivery and can include that in your quote as well. It’s that simple!

And of course, let us know if you have any other questions.

Complete our custom cutting request form now!


Edge Tape Finish


  1. Christa Blackwood

    I’d like two pieces of birch plywood to support a California King size mattress.

    Mattress size is 72”x84”

    Is it possible to get two pieces at

    If so, what would that cost?

    Thank You!

    • Jamie

      Hey Christa! No problem, please email [email protected] and we will get you a quote on that ASAP.


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