How to order custom cut lumber and other frequently asked questions!
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How to order custom cut lumber and other FAQ’s

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How to order custom cut lumber and other frequently asked questions…



We thought we would take a minute to address some FAQ’s  with a new blog post. Let’s start with the one question we get most often:


How do I place an order for custom cut lumber?


Because most of our orders tend to be custom cut lumber orders with varying sizes and quantities (which is quite detailed work) we do not take cutting orders over the phone. Best to have everything in writing.

You can start by emailing us at [email protected] or simply complete the form on the Custom Cutting page, and we will get back to you with pricing and a lead time!

Be sure to include the type of material and exact measurements for your custom cut lumber pieces.

You can find details on how to choose the best materials and sizes to use for your next DIY project in our blog post “How To Order Custom Cut Lumber In 5 Easy Steps”!

It also outlines how to write custom cut lumber orders using inches and fractions (for less confusion), for example:

  • 5 pcs of 1⁄2” Canadian Birch 4 1⁄2″ x 18 1⁄4”

Check it out here.

When can I pick up my custom cut lumber pieces? 


Once your order is confirmed, we will add it to the cutting cue.

Lead times vary, depending on the size of your order and the number of orders being processed.

We will always give you a timeline and call you as soon as your custom cut lumber order is ready for pick up. 


The next FAQ is usually…Better yet, do you deliver?


Yes indeed, we do!

We have two large cargo vans for fast delivery Monday through Friday. Our flatbed truck is also available for larger orders.

Simply request delivery when you submit your order and we will include delivery times and pricing with your quote.


Also, how quick are deliveries?


Good question! It depends.

For stock materials, we can usually turn it around pretty quickly, like within a couple of hours.

We don’t want you standing around on the job site twiddling your thumbs now do we!

Custom cutting orders will take a little longer, depending on the quantity, but we do our best to always get custom cut lumber orders out for delivery the next day.

Now that’s pretty quick!


Hmm, and what about wood that was not purchased at Midtown Lumber? You might ask…


Yes, we do!

As long as we determine that it is safe for us to cut, and you can safely bring it to our shop we will take a look.

Price is based on exactly what we will be cutting, so feel free to stop by with your materials and we will see what we can do to make it work.


Okay, here’s a good one…


Do I have to purchase full sheets of materials, or can I just buy the pieces that I want?


At Midtown Lumber, you have the choice to purchase full sheets or pieces. DID YOU HEAR THAT GUYS?!

Because that is basically our bread and butter. We are not blowing smoke or tooting our own horn when we say this (but it’s true!)…

We are the only lumber yard where you can purchase custom cut lumber, cut to size, and by the piece in NYC.

Certain materials like hardwoods (pine, poplar, and red oak) are sold by the board, and then cut to size.

But for most plywoods we stock we will custom cut the lumber to your specifications, and you will pay only for your piece or pieces.


Is one 4×8 sheet enough for my next project?

This is a great question, and we’ve created some tools to help you answer it in this blog post

In some cases, for larger projects where you will end up needing more than 1/2 of a sheet of plywood anyways, it does make sense to buy the whole 4×8 sheet of plywood and then pay per cut. We can help you figure that out as well, but definitely check out the printable templates we’ve created!

Is one 4x8 sheet of plywood enough for my next project?

Last but not least, our favorite question of all…


How accurate is your cutting?


It’s okay, we get it!

But custom cut lumber is our pride and joy, so don’t you worry.

We can assure you, we have highly experienced team members and pride ourselves in cutting each piece to within 1/16 of an inch of your specifications. So basically, we are exact.

But hey, things happen and we are only human! If any piece of your custom cut lumber order is off we will recut them for you ASAP.



Now that we’ve answered all your questions, let’s get started!


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